Among the Mediterranean archipelago the Ionian Islands are true gems

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos



Lying west of mainland Greece, this Ionian wonder has grown in popularity over the years with many in the know, however the beauty of Zakynthos is that it still exists relatively under the radar.

The area has been blessed with a rustic coastline dotted with picturesque villages, and complimented with some of the best beaches within Greece. Zakynthos satisfies your Goldilocks syndrome: small enough to easily navigate, but large enough to offer a diversity of sights & things to-do. 

Each of the key spots in Greece have their own niche. As many of the best activities centre around the beach, that happens for good reason. Zakynthos is flourished with some of the best beaches and resorts among the islands; it is the perfect destination for relaxation for those in the know. 

When it comes to pinpointing the best beaches in the area, there is one particular hideaway that easily claims the title of most exquisite. Azur blue waters, complimented by white sands, sheltered by the rising, jagged cliffs of Zakynthos, Navagio Beach is a wonder in its own right. 

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos


A truly special find, the uniqueness of Navagio Beach is apparent from the offset. Affectionately called Shipwreck Beach, the island is decorated with an antique ship washed ashore many moons ago. Navagio Beach really sets itself apart from the crowd with a tranquil isolation like no other. Accessible only by boat or helicopter, the secluded cove has become a best-kept secret for those in the know. 

In keeping with the remarkable natural beauty of the surrounding areas, neighbouring Kefalonia holds one of the most remarkable explorative adventures.

Melissani Cave, Sami

The pure waters of Navagio Beach stretch all the way to reveal the beauty of Melissani Cave. The antiquity of the cave resulted in its roof falling in on itself, to reveal an incredible natural skylight. Found by following an underground tunnel, the lake can then be explored even further by row-boat to discover the depths of the cave.


Prosilio, Zakynthos

When it comes to food, it goes without saying that Greece has an incredibly diverse range of impeccable options on offer.

Located in the heart of Zakynthos, Prosilio offers a much more modern experience compared to traditional Greek dining. Expect a strong mix traditional Greek seafood, blended in with European staples such as French-trimmed rack of lamb, or a selection of risotto. 

Etrusco, Corfu

For a more tailored dining experience, Etrusco located in Corfu has a menu filled with a multitude of exceptional dishes, specially curated by head Chef and son of Etrusco himself, Ettore Bortrini. Expect an expertly crafted offering that includes a foie gras and swordfish amuse bouche, through to mignardise at dessert.



As has been evidenced, the Ionian Islands have a wealth of activities and things to do. In addition to Navagio Beach and Melissani Cave mentioned above, Greece is a country with an undoubtedly rich history, and rife with religious and historical artefacts. 

Panagia of the Castle, Agios Georgios

Reminiscent of Santorini's famous blue capped houses, the Panagia of the Castle located to the north in Agios Georgios is perched atop a hill surrounded by sprawling, unchallenged views of the area from each angle.

Baholi Castle Pine Forest, Zakynthos

Back in Zakynthos, Bohali Castle takes you off-road into a historical exploration. Venture deep into the on-site pine forest to embark on an adventure steeped in escapism. 

Liston, Corfu

Corfu also has some of Greece's most interesting architecture on display. Spend the night exploring the area of Liston to take in the soft beauty of the surrounding buildings. 

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