1. Glow-in-the-dark Beach (Maldives) A million stars scattered across the sea - some call it the sea of stars. These ‘stars’ being the microscopic organisms ‘phytoplanktons’ that emit light when in touch with water. Being present at various beaches in the Maldives, check which island they have landed on and enjoy an unusual starry night. What to pack: A good quality camera to capture the magical moment Asceno secret: Cozy up for a night walk in your pyjama pants and be effortlessly cool in your own science-fiction fairytale.

2. The Giant’s Causeway (Ireland) It pretty much could be. This beach has hexagon tubes popping from the ground like mushrooms, interlocking like one big giant puzzle. As a result of an ancient volcanic eruption, the rock formations make for a uniquely surreal setting. What to pack: Comfortable trainers glammed up with jeans and a loose shirt Asceno secret: Head over in summer and avoid the Irish rain.

3. Grass Beach (French Guiana) A fascinating shore of grass where you don’t need to worry that any sand gets stuck in your shoes. Visit Kourou for an intriguing beach experience. What to pack: Lunch – picnic on the grass by the beach Asceno secret: Get out those sandals!

4. Cathedral Beach (Spain) In Ribadeo (Galicia), the sea carved arches out of rocks and lets the sun cast interesting shadows over the sand. The Spanish have named it the beach of Cathedrals, a beautiful place to visit and get away from the other 86 cathedrals around the country. What to pack: A beach cover-up to stroll along the different arches Asceno secret: Avoid the crowd and entry fees between March and April.

5. Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas) On Harbor Island, tiny-shelled animals create a beautiful hue of pink along the 3 miles long Coral Sands beach. What to pack: The perfect beach outfit with an even more perfect hat Asceno secret: Pack the arctic trellis reversible bikini, because we know that white print will go perfect with the pink sand.

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