Lush granite cliffs and wild plains frame the outstanding beauty of Corsica

Scandola Nature Reserve


Corsica has a truly amazing coastline. Jagged, granite cliffs that have been erratically carved out by nature, are contrasted by tree-lined mountain ranges that embody the island's untarnished romanticism. 

The island's rich natural beauty undoubtedly stands out as the most significant. A bird's eye-view of the island as the plane approaches reveals the true extent of this awe-inspiring vista. 

In getting to know the island better, one will discover a selection of tucked away coves, and captivating beaches on offer. Roccapina Beach brings together some of the best qualities: white sands and stunningly blue depths all concealed in a remote location. The spot is championed by sun seekers looking for the ultimate in relaxation. 

Roccapina Beach 


Turning the focus to the island's cuisine, it goes without saying that Corsican restaurants are on-par with some of the world's best. Ranging from rustic local cuisine, to Michelin-starred establishments, the island has something on offer at every possible level. 

U Palazzu Serenu exemplifies Corsica's ability to effectively blend together the most important creature comforts. The restaurant found within this minimalistic resort has some of the island's best Mediterranean cuisine. The menu is light, yet incredibly satisfying. To preserve the privacy of the guests, seating within each space of the restaurant is limited to 18 people at any given time, with the warmer months giving way to beautiful al fresco dining on the restaurant's terrace. 

If you are on the search for the ultimate in atmospheric dining, Domaine de Murtoli offers some of the most magical surroundings. A selection of three varied dinner settings coupled with a menu built around fresh, locally sourced produce, ties together to offer guests an unparalleled dining experience. 

Table setting of the terrace at U Palazzu Serenu

Al Fresco dining at U Palazzu Serenu

La Table de la Ferme Domaine de Murtoli Hôtel

Table de la Grotte Domaine de Murtoli Hôtel


When it comes the best things to see on the island, there really are a myriad of options to suit every taste. However, there is one attraction that should be on everyone's list regardless. Recognised by the UN as a World Heritage Site, Scandola Nature Reserve has earned a top spot of the priority list when visiting Corisca.

Located on the western coast of the island between Punta Muchillina and Punta Nera, the reserve is home to Cape Girolata and Cape Porto as well as a diverse range of wildlife. The site is a testament to Corsica's untarnished natural state.

Jagged cliffs at Scandola Nature Reserve

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