From bold stripes to statement prints, ASCENO’s new collection is the sartorial embodiment of a relaxed and effortless lifestyle.  Pairing rich colours and fabrics with easy draping silhouettes, the founders demonstrate their understanding of the strength that comes from an elevated basic. Lauren and Poppy talk about their inspirations, why they chose Africa as the backdrop for the campaign, their idea of an effortlessly chic wardrobe, and why the new season is perfect to wear now.

We want women to be able to go anywhere and do anything in our clothes,” says Poppy.  “Your ASCENO wardrobe should be able to take you from boardroom meetings, to cocktails with friends, to beachside lunches with your toes in the sand… and even to bed.”  The biggest inspiration for every collection is the ASCENO woman and the life that she leads.  “As women we are all so multifaceted”, continues Poppy, “We strive to create collections that cater to all of our needs.



Each season, the designers draw their inspiration from a time and place.  This season they pulled from Lauren’s native home, Africa.  “Having grown up in South Africa, I have always been keen to bring a part of my home into the business.  Earthy tones of the bush are complimented by deep jewel tones of tapestries and African art” explains Lauren.  “When these heavily saturated colours are paired with our silk, the colours become exceptionally rich and dynamic. A simple and classic silhouette really comes to life. You can be sophisticated yet dressed with ease and elegance.” 



Africa was a natural place to choose as a setting for Poppy as well.  Both her father and her husband grew up in South Africa.  For the photo shoot the team went to Lauren's home.  It served the perfect backdrop for the shoot. “Visiting Lauren’s home was wonderful.  It is a place that is so special to her and is totally unique to anywhere I have been before.  It meant so much to finally be able to visit and to be able to share it with the world through ASCENO.” 

Natural fabrics are core to the DNA of the brand.  This collection is at once boldly confident and subtly feminine.  The shapes are wardrobe staples yet are languid and move easily over the body.  Following the success of the core silk pyjamas, the team introduced several new silhouettes all designed to take you from bed to beach with ease.  “For us it is all about beautiful yet laid-back pieces that can be worn in all settings” says Lauren. “The collection is strong and confident with bold stripes in modern silhouettes, then we also pair it back in toned down hues such as powder blue.

Berry red, vibrant yellow, and powder blue are the perfect colours to wear now.  Poppy's favourite piece is the Berry Dot Trouser and Blazer.  “The tailored trouser and blazer (both in silk) are the perfect set for a chic evening look.  Wear it with a flat loafer for a paired back look.” 




For Lauren, “The yellow slip dress is my wardrobe essential for this summer.  I wear it at home, in the city, on vacation, and have even dressed it up for a wedding.





Watch as ASCENO continues to push the boundaries of traditional sleepwear and further blurs the line between sleep and ready-to-wear.  “Our colour palette is never traditional.  We want to encourage people to wear the pieces in their day to day lives.  Designed for globetrotting, the versatility of the piece is key.  We want every ASCENO piece in your wardrobe to work hard for you and to be wearable in as many situations as you find yourself in.” says Lauren.




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