The Balkan area of Montenegro features diverse terrain boasting a variety of historical hotspots and breathtaking beaches.


Take a stroll through the towns of Montenegro that are soaked in culture and wander through the narrow streets and ancient architecture. Dating back to the 9th century, The San Giovanni Fortress holds one of the highest views of the town Budva. Worth all one 1,355 steps, the overarching view of the wild mountain beauty, glistening lake and the historical buildings, makes the old city hike a must for visitors.

Connecting the Budva Riviera and the Sveti Stefan, the promenade is a relaxing walk along the sea towards the town centre. Without having to venture into busy roads, this uninterrupted walkway will acquaint you with little shops, seaside restaurants, hamlets and magical sunset views to pine over.

The Promenade


Tucked away in the narrow streets, there is an abundance of cozy restaurants and cafés serving local Montenegrin and international dishes. These hidden gems are perfect for an indulgent pit-stop.

Boka Kotorska bay’s cuisine is a great way to explore the unique flavours of Montenegro. As a great culinary destination, the fresh air compliments the fragrant aromas of the town’s menu. It would be impossible to walk away without feeling fully satisfied.


Venture into one of many wine tasting tours after a meal, at the Castel Savina in Herceg-Novi. The bay of Kotor sets a stunning backdrop for the family-run venue. Satiate your taste buds with a wide range of wines produced including cabernet sauvignon, a rose-grenache, merlot and chardonnay.

Castel Savina

There’s definitely no shortage of nightlife in the once-upon-a-time navy shipyard that has now been transformed into a superyacht marina. Porto Montenegro can only be classified as world-class, with strolls in between the luxurious restaurants boutiques and exciting nightclubs. If you're looking to discover Montenegro at night, this is the place to start your evening.

Our Lady on the Rocks

Only a short boat ride from Kotor, sits a quaint 15th century island church in the Bay of Kotor. Our Lady on the Rocks will suit your cultural curiosities which is steeped in a unique history. This church offers a beautiful view of Perast, looking back on the villages and mountains on the surrounding shorelines. A boat ride returning back to the town on a closing sunset makes this church a charming visit of the Boka Bay.


With tours taking you through the horse-shoe Crnojevic River towards the north and stops along the way at the local riverside restaurants, this location would undoubtedly be one of the scenic highlights.

Lake Biograd is surrounded by open blue skies, lush vegetation and fresh air that makes this natural beauty arguably the most stunning location in Montenegro. Encompassed by a luscious virgin forest in the north east, it is one of the most hypnotising scenic attractions in Montenegro. 

Nestled in the heart of its national park, where visitors can enjoy a memorable trek across the landscapes, clear water fishing or simply indulge in a relaxed cruise down the glacier lake, or a relaxing cruise for the perfect end to your trip.

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