A genuine connection with an untouched paradise resplendent in natural beauty is developed in an area primed with rich culture. Explore the depth of Comporta with ASCENOInside. 



One of Comporta’s key highlights centres around the area’s high availability of fresh, rich local cuisine. Being a country with the seafront on its doorstep, Portugal has been famous for its seafood offering for some time.

Comporta brings this reputation to the forefront with a seafood offering that is rivalled by very few. Donia Bia, which can be found on the road that connects Comporta to Carvalhal, has become a staple with locals and visitors alike, and for good reason. Affectionately referred to as "the rice temple", Donia Bia is able to transform one of the areas most popular raw materials - rice - and turn it into some of the most memorable dishes. 

While on the topic of food, we would be remiss not to mention Ilha Do Arroz once again. Truly one of the area's most spectacular beach-front locations, that shares a similar speciality with Donia Bia, by curating a wide range of beautiful rice dishes. 


Comporta’s rice fields are recognised as one of the area's most alluring attractions.  From afar, vast fields of deep green streaked with white occupy the eye-line. Upon the approach, the details of the patches become more vivid. The swamp-like conditions of the fields contrast starkly against the area’s other, more well-known side of white sand beaches and sun lounging. However, given the impressive extent of the fields, making the zig-zag drive through them becomes an noteworthy, immersive experience.

The infrastructure of the town is a marvel in itself. Reminiscent of Havana, the buildings lining the streets have a simplistic approach, made to standout with the charming use of bright colours accenting the sides and features. There is a shared sense of minimalism between the local way of life, and the design behind their structures.


Comporta’s forestry is by far one of the most serene, and captivating points of interest to explore. Easily one of the area’s lesser known activities, the forests of Herdade da Comporta offer the opportunity to truly disconnect from the outside, and reconnect with your inside. Untapped stretches of trees line the terrain for acres, creating a truly special moment of tranquility.



Needless to say, the key attractions in Comporta are the area’s alluring beaches and the care-free attitude that is immediately adopted upon arrival. That is not to say however, that the area does not have more to offer outside of these more indulgent moments. Spend the day at the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve to get in touch with the country's wildlife. Alternatively, explore the Ruínas Romanas de Troia for a deeper insight into the country's fascinating history. Additionally, Tower Beach offers an alternate beach experience with its famous landmark protruding from the sand. 

Either way, the range of activities at one's disposal make Comporta a chameleon - able to adapt to the needs of the explorer with ease. 

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