Meet #ascenogirl, Lucy Delius, the London-based fine jewellery designer. We speak to Lucy to discuss summer plans and travel essentials to personal styling and her go-to ASCENO looks.

Please describe your style?

I like to focus on quality basics, natural fibres - silk, cashmere, cotton etc.  For me it's all about the cut of something, great clean lines, no fussy frills or ruffles.  I love a stompy shoe and a great jacket/blazer to add a flair to my jeans and shirt/t-shirt look. I'm always wearing a lot of jewellery, naturally.




What is the best way to spend a weekend?

I love to host, so Friday night would be dinner at home in the garden with some friends. In the summer I do loads of salads and then some grilled meat or some homemade pasta. A long lie always goes down well on a Saturday!

My husband takes the kids to local football practice and then we have brunch at one of our local cafes in Kensal Rise follow by a walk around Hampstead Heath. Then a catch up and kids tea with some friends. Sometimes we visit my parents in West Sussex so there we'd swim, go on a bike ride and have some much needed chill/ outdoor time.


Your favourite book and film?  

Books- American Dirt, Fleishman is in trouble and I just read Demon Copperhead which broke my heart in two.

Film- Vicky, Christina, Barcelona because Penelope Cruz is an absolute goddess and Secretary because Maggie Gylennhal is so fabulous and the story is so suprising.

A song you have on repeat?  

Bodyguard by Beyonce. I just did a road trip from LA to Palm Springs with my friend Whitney and we had this song on for the whole four days.


Travelling - Carry on essentials?

I always travel in my Asceno PJ bottoms. For long haul (I've been in The States a lot in the last 12 months) I don't leave without my Asceno eye mask, Patagonia merino wool socks, Birkenstock Boston clogs, Verden hand cream, Toteme cashmere blanket scarf, Tom Ford Bronson glasses, U Beauty Barrier Bioactive Treatment (I slather this on) and Plasma lip balm, Emergen-C supplements and my phone loaded up with Podcasts.




Favourite London hangout for the summer?

The courtyard at Chiltern Firehouse- always a vibe.





What are you summer travel plans?

I've just come back from a week in Tulum for my birthday. We stayed at BeTulum which was honestly one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. I was last in Tulum 10 years ago and it's changed so much but there is still something special in the air there.

This summer we're taking the kids to Greece for two weeks. We'll explore Paros, Anti-Paros and Sifnos. For that trip i'll be packing light- just my Asceno Formentera shirt and a bikini basically.

What are your nighttime rituals?

I usually crash into bed about 9pm because I love sleeping so much; I wake up at 6am so it's a full on day. I try and do an infrared sauna 3 times per week- I have the Mi-High and it's a great way to de-stress. I try to put my phone away a couple of hours before bedtime otherwise I'm awake thinking about new collections or orders. I'll aways have a shower or bath before I get into bed, wash my face, do my skincare etc and if I can keep my eyes open then I'll read some of my book. 




Do you prefer to dress up or dress down?  

BOTH!  When I'm at home or with my kids I tend to be super dressed down.  But then at work or out with friends I love to dress up.  As with jewellery, you should never keep things for best but wear your favourites all the time!  But some days it's leggings and t-shirts all day and that's also ok!



Tell us your favourite looks from the ASCENO High Summer collection and one ASCENO piece everyone should have in their wardrobe?

The Mina dress was a surprise favourite for me. I had breakfast with Poppy a few weeks ago and she was wearing it; I just had to have it! To me it's the perfect summer in the city piece. I also recently took the Allie brush stroke dress with me to Tulum, it was a great throw on piece for the hot evenings. I would say everyone needs a Valencia dress- it's super versatile and can easily be dressed up or down.